Freight Services

What documents are required for air freight?

Air Waybill (AWB): This is the document of title to the goods travelling by air and is therefore non-negotiable. It travels with the cargo and acts as evidence of delivery of the goods travelling on board the plane.

Commercial invoice: Document establishing the conditions of sale for the goods and their specifications. Serves as proof of sale.

Packing list: A list of the contents in a package, completing the information of the invoice, which must be issued by the sender.

Customs clearance authorisation: Document with which an importer or exporter authorises a customs agent to submit one or several customs declarations on their behalf.

What kind of sea transport vessels exist?

General freighters: These are basic cargo ships; they can carry freight, but have no space for containers.

Container ships: Ships specially designed to carry goods in containers. They monopolize the majority of international dry freight transport and represent more than a half of all maritime trade.

Bulk carriers: The vessels best suited to transporting solid bulk cargoes.

Oil/gas tankers: Special tankers for transporting crude oil and by-products differentiated by their superior technical characteristics; all of them guarantee water tightness and structural resistance. Gas tankers have more sophisticated technology for storing liquefied gas and are divided into carriers of GNL and GLP, given that each one needs to be kept at a different pressure and temperature.

Reefer ships: Transport perishable food and commodities which must generally be preserved at very low temperatures

Ro-Ro ships: Have ramps and platforms for transporting vehicles with wheels, from private cars to industrial vehicles and loaded trucks. There are also hybrid versions of these ships which combine vehicle and passengers transport (ferries) and others that transport vehicles carrying containers (Ro-Lo)

What’s the difference between air cargo and a courier service?

They are two different ways of transporting freight by air:

When using a courier service your goods won’t be considered as freight, but as a postal package. This is an ideal option for small, lightweight parcels requiring urgent transport. However, courier companies don’t provide an integral logistics service covering aspects like customs clearance, meaning that you may find yourself faced with delays or surcharges.

On the other hand, air freight sent by means of a logistics or forwarding company will guarantee greater security for your operation since its professional team will take care of all necessary details.

How do you calculate the cost of air charter?

An air charter service is calculated based on the volume of the goods transported. However, it is strongly influenced by the availability of physical means (transport) on your desired route. By way of an example, bringing goods from China is much cheaper than it is to take them there. This is because shipowners are in high demand for bringing cargo from China to Europe, while it is more complicated to find freight to transport back out to China given the existing trade imbalance. Another variable with a strong influence is the oil price at the moment of travelling.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship all over the world, but we specialize in export to the U.S.A and customs clearance of goods coming in from the Middle East.

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